I’m here to bring more value to the design you’re putting into your business.

Whether you’re a new brand looking to create and grow your business or an established brand wanting more time to focus on the figures , i can understand the things that make your product so special and unique — and create it with you.

I will bring energy, newness and an experienced eye to your product. You need someone reliable, effective and talented to look after your product while you are growing your vision and this is where I thrive. I don’t want you to feel like you’re doing it alone.

(Sarah is) professional, diligent and conscientious in her approach but also has a creative flair that is exceptional.

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If we haven’t met yet…

I’m Sarah Denise Cordery - designer, illustrator, dancer, do-er! My friends describe me as never sitting still – constantly learning new things, creating, and cultivating ideas.

After years of beavering away in design offices, working my way from junior designer to senior product developer, weaving through brands and continents, I took the leap to self-employment. Taking a chance on myself, I created an online studio which allowed me to become your very own virtual design room and help others see their product thrive through award-winning design and industry experience.

I’m here to offer a range of services from helping set up beautifully considered and streamlined product ranges, creating moodboards and branding when time is of the essence, tweaking that perfect print and costume tweaks, to finding commercial solutions for garment design work and ensuring the use of efficient processes to minimise headaches later down the road (We’ve all been there…) and many more!

If you’d like more info about what I can offer, check out my Services and Portfolio. For all things Design…You’ll find heaps of free advice and ideas on the blog.

I’ve dabbled in many art related worlds - if there’s something you need but it’s not listed, honestly, just ask …chances are I can help, or, put you in touch with the perfect contact.

Most of all, I want to use my strengths to your advantage. Putting pen to paper, designing and creating is what I was born to do. Together, we can effectively communicate your vision to the world.

So — come find me and say hey. Let me know what kind of help you’re looking for.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sarah x


I’d love to hear from you…

All inquiries are warmly welcomed. Fill in my contact form or email me at: sarah@sarahdenisestudio.com

I will try my very best to respond within 24-48 hours, including weekends.

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